Dreams as Creative Pulsations

Energy, Pulsations, and the Unconscious Mind

This morning I came across William Blake’s words about creative pulsations in special moments. They’re the times when something catches you by surprise. Patients in therapy get used to insights and dreams coming unexpectedly and exerting surprisingly transformative effects.

Dreams are creative pulsations, energy generated from the imaginal realm. The imaginal realm is the term depth psychologists use for what mystic traditions call the spiritual world. While sleeping, we enter another dimension where energies, pulsations, happen. When dreams are energetically charged, even supercharged, we awaken loaded with inspiration. Time to settle is recommended. Let some time pass so the energy can get grounded, your mind reorient to waking reality.

It helps the creative pulsation when we give ourselves time to reorient to the space-time realm. We can then live out the creative flow, so it’s humanized, made practical. Dream inspirations and insights are on point when, from the perspective of William James, father of American depth psychology, they’re helpful, hopeful, and practical.

I’m thinking of the dream pulsations that flow into my writing, especially when burning hot with metaphysical fiction. There’s a pulse, an energy that moves from my core to fingertips to the page. Words happen, scenes roll out, and characters guide my heart and hands to tell their journey. In my recently released, Goddess of Everything, the supernaturally charged thriller charged out of my unconscious mind. Dreams and nightmares generated the creative pulsation that inspired the creation of characters and scenes.

On Amazon this morning, I read this: 5.0 out of 5 stars Goddess of Everything review: “Definitely not for the faint-hearted but an AMAZING read. Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2021, ~ “What an unexpected surprise this book was. Dr. DeBlassie has one of the most interesting ways of telling a story that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s almost like sitting around a campfire listening to urban legends. This dark thriller with some supernatural aspects was yet again an excellent example of this man’s talents. He took the normal good vs. evil to a whole new level with exceptional world-building and character development. Definitely not for the faint-hearted but an AMAZING read.”

The reviewer’s word “amazement” grabbed me. She had been touched, amazed, something inside moved and changed. The story lingered in her like a legend told around a campfire. The novel's images rushed in from the spirit world, off the unconscious mind's hotline like meteors through the night sky. I remember the many nights of dreaming that led to the creative pulsations that drove this story's writing forward to publication.

Risk It!

Creative pulsations challenge norms, shake you out of ruts of mind and day-to-day living. Dreams and inspired spirits inhabiting the imaginal realm rip you away from stuff that’s been holding you back. They’re not about the same old same old. They are about risking the step into what’s new.

So, risk it, I say! Risk living out creative pulsations from the dream world. Let into your conscious mind out-of-the-ordinary ways of seeing things and being. They will come knocking at the door of your mind. Answer the door, listen, follow, and grow. It helps to remind yourself of this before drifting off to sleep. Tell yourself, I’m open to whatever I need to see or learn. You’ll have a dream, then wait for it to speak to you. The message will be helpful, hopeful, and practical. And, for sure, it’ll challenge you to risk it!

Risk It and Live!

To risk growth is to be alive. There’s no living without risking. In Goddess of Everything, spirits, light and dark, teem through the nighttime desert as wickedness hides behind what was supposed to be good. So too, in dreams and nightmares, there are spirits both light and dark. Darkness makes you feel bad about yourself. Light inspires you to take a fresh look at yourself, the positive and the negative, and at situations that need attention.

Good spirits are there in dreams. So are demonic agencies. Careful with them. Over time you’ll learn to know which is which. Remember, the pulsation that is positive, energizing, and creative is borne of a good spirit. Avoid anything else, including any seeming insight or understanding that strays from this reality.

Dream to Risk and Grow!

Dreams are special moments. They come. Maybe, they have a tough message. We don’t want to hear what they have to say. We want to go on not being challenged to see, to stretch, to grow. It’s easier that way. But it’s not. Staying stuck leads to unhappiness and time passing with nothing to show for it. Dreams are risky and come for particular reasons—risk and grow reasons.

Dreams, creative pulsations of the unconscious mind, cause you to rethink your life, relationships, where you’re at, where you’re going. Getting on with the creative pulsations of special moments, opening up to dreams and dreaming no matter the cost, equals risk equals growth.

Happy dreaming.